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“Woe Is Me” - The New Need To Get Everyone to Give Up Just Because YOU Do

I've decided to write a short blog today about what I see as a sort of "misery loves company" effect that's happening everywhere on social media since the AZ audits, where lots of people are trying to get others to agree that “it's over” so that they can feel OK about giving up - well - it's not, so DON’T.

Droopy Dawg was a Hanna Barbera cartoon character from way back, and his catchphrases included "Hello, all you happy people," and "You know what? That makes me mad!” I thought I remembered that he used to say “Woe is me” as well but maybe it was someone else, but no matter, “Droopy Dawg” is a name that drives my point home, so correct or not, I’m going to use it - so yes this period in the undeclared war SUCKS, but still: Don’t be a Droopy Dawg.

When I look back over my life, there’s been many times when I noticed this same sort of group psychological effect happening amongst people groups. Other than what I do now in entertainment, I would either be in advertising or psychology as an alternative profession, and as such it’s always been natural for me to observe the patterns in what people do with great interest as to what motives the behavior.

Here’s the phrase I’m seeing reoccurring everywhere:

“That’s it - I’m so over this!” Really? Is that going to make it all stop and change? Does the little child that threatens to hold it’s breath and turn blue get what they want, or do they more often than not just run out of air and have to go right back to life as it was already in progress?

Back when I was in Los Angeles and in the conservatives in entertainment group “Friends of Abe”, I helped an amazing man named Hilmar Von Campe to meet home Hollywood people to try to get his story to film. Hilmar was indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth as a young boy and served in the German Army in WWII, and had a conversion to Christianity during the end of the war when he was trying to escape from the advancing Russian Army.

Von Campe lived his whole life trying to wake people up to the reality of evil that was trying to return us to the Satanic attack that was Nazism. The myriad accomplishments of his life (and yes, that includes video) at at link #1 below, was on “the International list of who’s who”, and had literally thousands of on-line and in person attendees at his funeral.

Hilmar was about 70 when I met him, and the first thing that I noticed as that his spirit and energy was as huge as his 6’7” physical frame. His warning cry was about the similarities between 30’s Germany and Obama’s America, but I will tell you with certainty that The 2021 ByeDone Cabal would not make him quit any more than The 2000’s ButtBoyBarryParade did - “I’m Over It” was not a phrase he would ever use, because he knew that evil was to be resisted while there is any life left at all, because the choice in ending our resistance is the arrival of pain and suffering beyond any annoyance or suffering that we have encountered so far.

So I get it, we all thought that it was almost over with the Audits, and now we see that that’s not going to be true, and our emotional exhaustion is such that we are saying “I’m done coach, take me out”. Well, if you need an emotional break then take it, but don’t spend time trying to get others to quit as well so that you feel better about it. Take some R&R and then come back refreshed and we will hold your place, but please remember to pray for all the still imprisoned fighters from what I refuse to call an “insurrection” that happened at the Capital on Jan 6 (and one of them just died waiting for trial), the Pastors in Poland and Canada that have been arrested, the military man who is currently “in the brig” for criticizing the Afghanistan pull out, all the people that have just died from their second shot, the dozens os state troopers, hundreds of firefighters and police, and 100,000 healthcare workers who are willing to leave their employment rather than get the shot, and on and on and on.

Yes, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, and no one can tell you when relief will occur. What comes to my mind is this song lyric by this madcap composer from the old farce film “The Magic Christian” by Peter Sellers featuring Ringo Star as his son (yes, that really happened):

“Don’t Be A Dope - Don’t Give Up Hope - Bing, Bang, BONG”. (I couldn’t find that song clip, sorry, you’ll have to trust me on this - not EVERYthing makes it to the internet)

I can’t imagine a better motto, I’m SO using it ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

Sept. 29 2021

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You think this is tough?? Ya'll should have been on social media the last 4 years with those of us who kept on keeping on, trudging down the road of happy destiny while exposing truth. We have been banned, suspended (on our 3rd - 8th twitter accounts) labeled terrorists, etc. I like to think the digital soldiers own alot of the credit for awakening the masses, because it's true. Your welcome. ✝️❤🇺🇸

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