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ZuckButt, The Coming MetaVerse & You - Even If You AREN’T On Facebook!

You may or may not have heard about the soon to come “re-brand” of Facebook to be named “Meta”, but I’m here to tell you why you’re going to care whether you dumped “Zuckerland” ages ago or are on there every day. If what the “Star Trek Data Lookalike” is planning actually comes to pass the way that His Royal Mark-ness Zuckbutt has in mind, it will transform EVERYONE’S world in a an enticingly terrifying “1984” kind of way, regardless of if you ever go into their “Meta-verse”.

If you never heard the term “Meta-verse”, don’t feel too bad, it’s pretty new and really has only started to be used since the recent announcement of the coming name change from Facebook to Meta. “Meta” is going to trade on the stock market under the letters MVRS, which I am going to guess stands for “Meta Virtual Reality Services”. I’m seeing a lot of people on Facebook laughing at them and say snarky things like “Apple didn’t have to change their name when they did a re-brand”. Don’t laugh too soon, this is much more than a re-brand and looks to be a complete transformation of what they do, and what they are planning to “do” should scare anyone once you wrap your minds around it:

Regarding the “services” that MVRS has in mind for us all, let me give it to you “Twilight Zone Style”, because that’s really the only way to do it justice:

“Imagine if you will, a world where your every fantasy is fulfilled, every desire satiated, and every need anticipated and provided for - sound too good to be true? Or is it maybe - too true to be good?” (cue music)

If you‘ve watched the recent video that who I refer to as “the Pillsbury A.I. Autistic Dough Boy of Social Media” made to announce the new company name and direction, it is just exactly what my little “faux-Rod Serling” introduction is alluding to: a VR (virtual reality) world that’s so perfect that everyone gets their heart’s desires non-stop, and no one wants to ever leave….and HERE’S the nefarious part: the actual REASON they want you to have everything that you want..or DO you?…

Let’s take a step back and look at an overview of the kind of people that make up a large portion of our population: there are more and more people whose social skills and emotional maturity levels are on a downward trend over recent years, and more and more people work from home. As people do more and more jobs that allow them to be isolated from others, the more self absorbed they are apt to become.

I think we all have that stereotyped computer nerd image we’ve seen so often in movies popping up in our heads right now as we read this: a hairstyle from 20-30 years back, clothes that should have been thrown out 30-40 lbs ago, and wearing a t-shirt of some obscure rock band or sci-fi movie or video game monster. That person is the “early adopter” target market for the new Zuckerworld. Just the geekiness of the whole thing and the allure of the newness will be a “no-brainer” (a probably very apt phrase in this case) for everyone that fits that description to join up early on.

The next phase would be when you see sex products available that interface with Meta in one way or anther. At first they will be physical products, but soon enough I would think that they would move to being implants. You might think that’s way too crazy and people would never allow something they can’t control themselves into their bodies, but look at how open to getting vaccine “implants” that people have become now. How different would it be if everyone was assured that not only would the implants be “100% safe”, but also 100% discreet - NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW that you have one and how much you use it. But like all technology, it can be used just as easily for bad as it can be used for good, and even though we were assured that scrupulous business practices will always be adhered to….well, it’s been my experience on this planet that anyone given too much power will abuse it absolutely no matter how long it takes - and in this case, I doubt it will take long because abuse has always been the plan.

You might be someone who’s going “wait a minute - you’re saying that I could be with a different fantasy person every hour made by an artificial intelligence that learns my desires that are so secret that I don’t even know them? What’s wrong with that? Where do I sign?” There’s a number of things “wrong” with “that”, but they are not visible right on the surface.

Let’s take a look at an overview of what we’ve seen that the entity known as “The Cabal” - you remember them, the people trying to pilot us toward a one world government where we need a mark put on our hand or foreheads to buy and sell who have been turning up at the top levels of every organization you can think of - how might this whole virtual reality dream world fit into their plans? I thought you’d never ask - which is why I asked FOR you ;-)

Besides the obvious isolation creating more and more problems when humans actually DO have to interact with each other either in person or even video, this will result in fewer and fewer marriages yielding less and less CHILDREN to replenish society. The answer to the “so what” question some might be asking is that quite frankly, it makes us less able to defend ourselves as a society against our enemies, and by enemies I am taking about CCP controlled CHYNA who is as I’ve been saying encouraging THEIR people to have more children (yup, the 1 child 1 family thing is getting kicked to the curb) so as to strengthen the country for future attacks.

But the BIGGEST danger is that I think that the real purpose of Meta is to very simply “keep us otherwise occupied” while the globalists finish their clean-up operation to (imagine the Brain voice here from my favorite cartoon, “Pinky and the Brain”) “try to take over the world”. This might seem overly dramatic, but I don’t think there’s any way to make it dramatic ENOUGH. There’s no way that a pleasure drenched and emotionally satiated - and exhausted - population would CARE if their elections were stolen, identities tracked, or anything else that they wanted to do while we were all HAVING FUN - especially since the bought-off media that we have now would never let us see it happening anyways.

As to what will happen to the existing “social media” experience that is the Facebook of today, I think that this will just be more and more phased out like an old guy that can’t send a fax or figure out DOS yet when the internet was blossoming. The people that are on Facebook now using it as a way to connect to people that they’ve come to know “on line” will either fall into using the new “Meta” or they will become so repulsed by what they are seeing happening to it that they will just leave, which is exactly what Zuckerbutt wants - if we’ve learned anything about Mark, it’s that he doesn’t like dissent or differing opinions. Anyone not going with the new Meta but wanting to stay connected with the people that they have been interacting with on the old Facebook will have to do it on something like Telegram or of course, the promised new Trump social media. But in terms of having one shared place to find almost anyone, that chapter in world history will be CLOSED.

The world we are beginning to enter, like the original Twilight Zone, is “one of sight and sound and dimension” that will be very hard to resist for many. I personally feel a sense that there will be as I’ve been saying a “Red Sea Rescue Event” soon and all the hideous plans against us will be exposed and all the guilty punished, but if I turn out to be wrong then we better really think before we act on everything that will be offered us.

It makes me think of the plot of what might be the most famous Twilight Zone episode where the nice aliens come to Earth and do a lottery to take people on a trip back to their world, and we find out that their book entitled “To Serve Man” is not a humanitarian program but a COOK BOOK. So let’s really pay attention to what is presented to us so that we are not the ones being cooked but the ones doing the cooking ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

October 31, 2021

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