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Uncle Ben's Naughty Red-Pilled Christmas Newsletter 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

(This is my actual newsletter that I sent to a selected few people I know, you'll see why others are getting a "different" version)

Every year I write a Christmas newsletter of everything that has happened to me in that year to keep connected to the people I know, but this year honestly has sucked so bad in so many ways that I just couldn’t bring myself to “make nicey-poo” and not mention all the elephants in the room yet again for the sake of all the Normies that can only eat blue pilled lies about their world, so I was going to blow it off for the first time in decades - I’m that sick of being fake with people.

And then I got the idea of doing two newsletters: one that is honest about all the things that I know about the world for the “Naughty Red-Pilled” people, and a “Nicey-Poo Blue Pilled” one that says a bunch of cotton candy stuff and maybe a few “coded” stuff to see if anyone gets it and is actually conservative and asks me some questions. So here we go with my first - and hopefully only because the world will improve enough that it’s no longer needed - “Naughty Red-Pilled Christmas Newsletter”:

I’m going to side step over the elephant in the room that everyone knows about that goes by the catch-all name “CoVax” because it’s a major dividing issue even on the right. I have a lot of reasons as to why I’m not “vaxed” that I can back up with some real “science” to use one of the most overused phrases of the year, and if anyone wants to see any of it let me know. Other than that, I’m not going to mention is anymore or make any judgements on anyone's status on that subject, because soon enough I think that whatever is true on this and a huge amount of other controversial subjects will very shortly be cleared up.

(My Christmas Ornament that personifies the CoVax Era)

One of the really big things that happened to me this year in the “suck column” this: I have run a secret / private Facebook group since the “re-selection” of Obama showed me that trying to present truth and argue with liberals on social media was about as productive use of your time as trying to empty the ocean with a tea cup, so I made a group with selected smart people for the purposes of studying world events. Some might not know that my step father was a secret agent in the 50s, which I found out just after I became a Christian, and many of the stories he told about that subject led me to see that a lot of what the trigger phrase “conspiracy theory” was created to dismiss in people’s minds were utterly true - so let’s just say that I have studied this subject just as much as I have music for decades.

Early in the year, a post intended for that group accidentally wound up on my personal Facebook page, and two musicians that I will call “The Commie Bros” (named because they have proudly admitted to being not just socialists, but full on communists, who I had angered earlier by some anti-China posts I made (I didn’t yet realize that lots of Americans now think both China and their version of communism is “cool”) used this to portray me as a racist, even though a black Christian musician I knew said that not only what I said was not only not racist, but it was 100% true. The Commie Bros rallied their liberal musician friends to dog pile on the post and did posts on their own pages tagging everyone they thought knew me or might ever work with me, and by the next day I was for all intents and purposes black listed in the new home town that had welcomed me with the literal keys to the city a few years back. I was told by one bandleader that many had called him to threaten that they wouldn’t play with me, and also never work with him again if he did hire me.

I led a band at an outdoor jazz festival over the summer and the promoter never paid me, and for the first time in my life have had to take him to small claims curt, which is coming up next month. I saw a billboard on the freeway yesterday that said “Jesus was unfriended too” - a great reminder that we are all going through stuff like this in 2021, but 2022 is coming and I believe that it will be WAY better for us all ;-)

So this took a pretty big bite out of live music income for me, but fortunately the Lord more than replaced it with a lot of teaching work. But I think we all have stories that fall into categories over the last couple of years where, where people that were friends now have “canceled” you because of political and social positions - I’m not at all thinking I am singled out by this kind of stuff.

So the good side of this is that it has gotten me into blogging on the subject of world events, all under pen-names so as to not harm music work. But the very cool thing for me that came from this is that I found out that one of the great conservative channels that I had been watching called FlyOver Conservatives was actually located about 45 minutes from me in Lee’s Summit MO. So I sent them an email asking if there was anything I could do to help them, and I included a link to my “Raygun Parker” blog (See Link #1 below) just to show that I was “real”. Through that they arranged a phone call and asked me to blog for them as well, so my new pen name “Uncle Ben Ghazi” was born and I have been blogging for them once week since about May, (see link #2 and Link #3 below) which then suddenly exploded with growth right after that (no, not due to me) and got involved in all the Clay Clark conservative roadshow events that have been put on all over the country in the second half of the year where they have guests like General Flynn and the amazing MelK - and speaking of MelK:

The Ghislaine Maxwell (& conspicuous by absence J. Epstein) Trial:

If you don’t know MelK, you should see Link #4 for an amazing interview with this incredible researcher on FlyOver Conservatives showing the real underlying big picture subjects of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial that is underway as I write this. No, I’m not expecting the trial to solve all these elements, but I AM expecting for the justice that it is calling for to be delivered very soon. WARNING: There may well be a lot of stuff here that some don’t want to know about, and if so just save this for later. I have found over the years that many things that I used to think were crazy but eventually figured out years later that were true. If you didn’t know, the CIA pretty much created the term “Conspiracy theory” to deal with the growing skepticism on the official story on who killed JFK - so don’t write things off immediately if that phrase goes through your head.

See Link 4 if you are ok with looking down rabbit holes and leaving some things in the “hhhmmm” category. MelK does a weekly interview there if you want to follow them on their Rumble channel, as do many others, you will get very encouraged by a lot of it, but we clearly have our work cut out for us.

(My “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt stories and ornament)

I’ve really run with the whole “Let’s Go Brandon” thing and bought a great bright blue with red & white logo t-shirt, and I wear it all over the place from the gym to the grocery store. Every time I do, there are people that take pictures of it (leaving off the head) and want to know where to get one (they are all over Amazon) and laugh their butts off. Not one single person has ever expressed anger, and I’ve had everyone from trainers in the gym to stock managers and workers at the gym to people in parking lots all telling me how much they love it.

What does this mean to us all? How about that the supposed 44% approval rating for Slow ByDone is as real as Santa? Try 22% tops, given those kinds of reactions, and so it’s just a matter of time for this wrong to be righted in America. I am seeing news from Australia that they are in the process of LEGALLY jailing their Prime Minister and some members of Parliament, and when this happens you will see other countries do the same and the lockdowns will all end worldwide. If you haven’t seen what has been going on in AU, see link #5 below.

OK, this is Christmas and that’s supposed to be a time of hope, right?

Yes, it is, and I see LOTS of hopeful signs for the new year. They include many people accused of pedophilia that are either stepping down from very high positions in power including both industry and politics, or at least being accused of this and other crimes. And as I mentioned earlier, many many people in many countries finally mad enough to throw off their oppressive leadership.

This year is actually the most hopeful Christmas we have had in decades really, even though it might not feel that way, because the exposure of all the evil that has been done in secret for so long is bringing justice with it everywhere. Feel free to forward this to anyone that you think would be open to this, but of course delete my personal info / email address - this the season to be jolly, but not stupid ;-)

Merry Christmas - from “ME”

For more Christmas red-pilling, I recommend both the original “Fall of the Cabal” 10 part video series. The new sequel videos, and the fantastic “Out of Shadows” documentary:

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